Mursala Island

This island is still part of Central Tapanuli Regency. This 600 hectare island can be reached by using regular boats or speed boats from harbour in Sibolga.

The coral reefs around the island can be easily seen because the water is very clear. At the bottom of the sea there are many different kinds of corals, brightly, coloured fishes and other sea creatures. This is a good place for people who like diving, fishing in the sea and hunting in the forest.

One of special natural attractions is a waterfall which might be the only waterfall in the world which falls directly from the mountain into the sea.
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Kota Barus adalah sebuah kecamatan di Kabupaten Tapanuli Tengah, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia. Ibukota kecamatan ini berada di kelurahan Padang Masiang. Kota Barus sebagai kota Emporium dan pusat peradaban pada abad 1 – 17 M, dan disebut juga dengan nama lain, yaitu Fansur.
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