TAREKAT TIJANIYAH , Pesantren and Tarekat: The role of Buntet

Currently in Buntet, another tarekat, the Tijaniyah, is much more dominant than Syattariyah. Tijaniyah seems to gain more and more attraction among the Javanese and thus, with special reference to Buntet, it deserves a special attention. In addition to this, as we shall see, Buntet has been one of the important door-ways for the further spread of this tarekat to other parts of Java, especially West Java. It is this special role that in the subsequent discussion I wish to stress.

The Origin of Tijaniyah

Tarekat Tijaniyah was founded by Abu-‘Abbas Ahmad who claimed to be the 21st descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. He was born in 1150/1737 at ‘Ain Madi in south Algeria. His father, Muhammad bin Mukhtar, is said to have been a pious man of learning who lived and taught at ‘Ain Madi, whereas his mother, “Sayidah ‘Aisyah binti Abdullah bin Al-Sanusy-Attijany” was of the original Tijani tribe of ‘Ain Madi and thus the name At-Tijani for Abu-‘Abbas Ahmad is derived from his mother.

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